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The PostConsumer Reports Podcast with Chris Marchand. It's like the blog but with sound: Thoughts on art, faith, and the intersection of the two, all spoken after consumption. Featuring interviews and conversations with artists and thinkers.
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The PostConsumer Reports Podcast with Chris Marchand. 

It's like the blog but with sound:  

Thoughts on art, faith, and the intersection of the two, 

all spoken after consumption.

Featuring interviews and conversations with artists and thinkers.

Feb 14, 2017

In celebration of Valentine's Day, here is my conversation with Pastor Dan Leman about sex, relationships, and overcoming sexual sin. Dan is the pastor Faith Evangelical Free Church in Germantown Hills, Illinois. Our friendship goes all the way back to high school, so needless to say, we've been talking about sex for a long time.

Feb 5, 2017

Jared Grabb is a musician and songwriter from Peoria, Illinois. On March 3rd he releases his third full length album Masters, which you can purchase at: Along with his solo work Grabb is also a member of Angry Gods and formerly a member of Scouts Honor and the Forecast. Our interview gets into the making of the new album and his career as an independent artist.

Jan 23, 2017

This archive episode of the podcast features my February 2014 interview with director, actor, and writer David Leo Schultz. We discussed Ragamuffin, the biopic he made about the life of singer-songwriter Rich Mullins. It was officially the 4th episode of the podcast, made back in the unofficial days. 

David's been busy since we first talked. Along with directing the Brennan Manning biopic he also starred in a number of online shorts, started the Ragamuffin Retreats ministry, and is even in the development stages of doing a film about St. Francis. You can find out more info here:



Jan 12, 2017

Michael Danner is the Executive Minister of the Illinois Mennonite Conference. Last fall we sat down to talk politics but ended up having a long side conversation about what it means to be a Mennonite in the 21st century and what the state of the Mennonite Church in America is. Whether you are Mennonite or not, if you are interested in how churches work and where church culture is headed, this episode is for you.

Dec 28, 2016

My friend Trey Mowder and I spend this episode trying to narrow down The Beatles' White Album onto a single disc (which means we have to cut out songs, as if such a thing were possible!). On top of that, I also give my year end best of lists (music, TV, films, podcasts) and some highlights for PostConsumer Reports from this past year (2016).

Dec 21, 2016

Chris released his Christmas album The Hopes and Fears of All the Years last week on his music page, which you can download for $1 throughout the Christmas season at: This episode features excerpts and commentary on the songs and recording process. 

Dec 7, 2016

This fall filmmaker Ron Howard released a new documentary Eight Days a Week about the touring years of The Beatles. Trey Mowder and I sat down and discussed what we thought of the film. Part commentary, part movie review, part love letter to the Fab Four, consider this the semi-definitive guide to the new film. 

Nov 28, 2016

Michelle Van Loon is an author who recently released Moments & Days: How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith through Navpress Publishers (click on the link for a free excerpt). A regular contributor for Christianity Today and the Her.meneutics blog, you can find more of her writings on her website: or at her blog: Our interview focuses mainly on the new book, what Christians can learn from the Jewish feast (along with all my many questions about them!), and how we modern people can slow down follow a different order of time.

Nov 23, 2016

Pam Destri was on call as a volunteer EMT the night Rich Mullins died and Mitch McVicker got seriously injured. Many fans have wondered for years what happened on that night. While Pam doesn't have all the answers she does offer her experience, what she witnessed on that night, some surprising revelations about that night, and why she thinks God brought her there in those moments. Part of the episode features talks from Chris Marchand and Pastor Mark Schoenhals about Rich Mullins, a talk from Pam, and then an after-talk interview with Pam. 

Nov 17, 2016

Mitch McVicker is a singer-songwriter and musician who's released 7 full length albums over the span of his career. He won the Dove award for "Song of the Year" for co-writing "My Deliver" with Rich Mullins. In our chat we talked about his latest album The Grey: When black and white fade, about being a do-it-yourself touring musician, and what it was like playing himself in the Ragamuffin film. Find out more at McVicker's website:

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